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Signet Financial Group Fraud

I bought a 2006 Puma Travel Trailer from All Seasons RV in Muskegon, Michigan on October 7, 2006 through Ebay. The salesman was Joseph L. Benedict. Mr. Benedict also sold me an extended service contract with a Signet refund addendum for $1,495.00. The key term of this contract is as follows from the service contract agreement document:

“Signet Financial Group (SFG) agrees to refund the full purchase price ($2,500 Maximum) of the service contract to the original purchaser named above only if the service contract runs the full months term and is never used.”

This extended service contract I purchased was for seven years and is due to expire October 7, 2013. I have never used this service contract and expected to be refunded the $1,495.00 after October 7, 2013 as agreed to in the contract. I called the number for the Signet Financial Group (listed below) on April 17, 2013 to inquire about the upcoming refund promise. The phone is disconnected and subsequent internet searches about Signet have revealed that the company was an outright fraud and is out of business.

All Seasons RV is located in Muskegon and the contact information is as follows:

All Seasons RV Supercenter

4701 Airline Road

Muskegon, Michigan 49444

Phone: 231-739-5269

Fax: 231-737-6168

Signet Financial Group is apparently out of business now and their contact information was:

Signet Financial Group

Western Regional Processing Unit

PO Box 6839

Vacaville, CA. 95696-6836

Phone: 877-4-SIGNET

The President of Signet Financial Group is Gregg Lehman

I called All Season RV on April 17, 2013 and talked to a salesman named Mike Coron about this Extended Service Contract they sold me. Mike gave me the All American run-a-round and said All Seasons RV is not responsible for the Extended Service Contract they sold me. He sent me a letter dated May, 2011 from All Seasons RV to their customers stating essentially that they were not responsible for selling me the contract and pointed out exculpatory language in the contract that relieves them from any responsibility for the $1,495.00 due me.

Another devious and diabolical aspect about this fraud is that it entices you not to have covered warranty work performed if the cost is substantially less than the cost of the extended service contract because you assume that you would be money ahead if you can re-coup the entire cost of the contract verses losing it if you turn in the cheaper warranty work. Example:

Extended Service contract cost: $1,495.00 *

Water Heater Circuit Board remove/replace: $250.00

Difference $1,245.00

*Amount is fully refunded if the Extended Service Contract is never used.

As this example shows, you would lose $1,245.00 if you turned in the $250.00 warranty work and the company was legit and would have refunded you the $1,495.00.

All Seasons RV may not necessarily have a legal obligation to pay me the money owed but they do have a moral obligation. I wrote the check to ALL Seasons RV, not Signet Financial. Also, All Seasons RV represented Signet as viable and should pay me the $1,495.00 and try to recoup the $1,495 from Signet. The salesman really pushed this product and promised me I would get the $1,495.00 refund. All Seasons RV should honor that promise

It is my understanding, from internet searches, that some dealerships are reimbursing their customers on a case by case basis.

Also, I understand that this Gregg Lehman is now back in business in Texas and living in a multi-million dollar mansion.

I will pursue this issue in perpetuity until I get my money back and/or see Gregg Lehman in jail.

My contact information is as follows:

Randall J. Jackson

9000 Cascade Road

Rochester, Illinois 62563

Phone: 217-498-8962 Residence

217-725-0057 Cell


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